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[News] Co-Fusion ドイツ”Harthouse”のコンピレーションに新曲を提供、2種類のトリプルバイナルとデジタルでリリース!

[Co-Fusion] 2種類のトリプルバイナルとデジタルでリリースされたドイツHarthouse compilation “Destination”にCo-FUSIONの新曲が収録されました!
Finally out today digitally and on 2 Triple vinyls
Harthouse compilation “Destination” continues to span the arc from Mannheim to present-day Berlin – also available on 3×12″ splatter vinyl in autumn – can now be pre-ordered on Bandcamp, our UCM.ONE Shop or via Decks Records.
The Harthouse compilation series “Destination” sheds light on two more chapters in the label’s history. With “Mannheim” and “Berlin” the focus is now on the years and artists between 2010 and 2020.
The Berlin chapter will be lead by artists and tracks by Boris Brejcha, Transform, Tom Wax, Extrawelt, DJ Lion & Just Julien & Britta Arnold, Smilla, Worakls, Frank De Wulf, CJ Bolland, Sikora, Marco Zaffarano & Andy Lupoli, Rico Puestel, Co-Fusion (@Co-Fusion Tokyo @Syuji Wada @Heigo Tani ), Breitenstein and Der Dritte Raum into the presence of the legendary label

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