[News] KEN ISHII 新プロジェクト「KIYD」シリーズ始動!

[News] KEN ISHII  新プロジェクト「KIYD」シリーズ始動!’90年代から数々のKen Ishii / Flare作品のアートワークを手がけてきたデザイナー山下ヤスノブ氏とタッグを組み、



A brand new project ‘KIYD’ series is getting started! Teaming up with Yasunobu Yamashita, the designer who has done a number of artwork for my Ken Ishii / Flare releases since the ’90′s, I will release music with a limited USB stick exclusively designed and manufactured for the project. It’s going to be experimental, music-wise and design-wise. The first one will be out in the end of February 2018. More news to come. Stay tuned! …

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