Pre-Order 開始!今夏リリースのSusumu Yokota、Ken Ishiiのアルバムリマスター版!多くの海外メディアも注目。

Pre-Order 開始のお知らせ

2024年9月6日リリースのSusumu Yokota、Ken Ishiiの1994年のアルバムがリマスター版で登場!多くの海外メディアも注目しています。

tPre-Order Now Available

Attention music fans!

Two remastered albums, set to release on September 6, 2024, are now available for pre-order! These releases have garnered significant attention from numerous international media outlets.

Susumu Yokota – Acid Mt. Fuji (Remastered 30th Anniversary Edition)  

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, this masterpiece has been remastered to perfection. Media such as Resident Advisor and The Quietus have highly praised this release.

KEN ISHII – Reference To Difference (Remastered 30th Anniversary Edition) 

The legendary techno artist KEN ISHII’s iconic album is remastered for its 30th anniversary and is highlighted by DJ Mag and Crack Magazine as a must-listen!

Media Highlights 

Resident Advisor:  The remastered edition of Susumu Yokota’s Acid Mt. Fuji is set to captivate listeners.

DJ Mag: KEN ISHII’s 30th anniversary remaster is a highlight of the year.

Crack Magazine: These albums are a must-listen.

The Quietus: Iconic albums that continue to shine in music history.

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