DJ WADA :日本のハウスミュージック黎明期に作られた作品がRush Hourより発売!

DJ WADA 人生初のリリース作品が再発!!

日本のハウスミュージック黎明期を知る上で重要なドキュメント、「1st Unit」がオランダのRush Hourより再発のお知らせです。

80年代の終わりに六本木の飯倉にあったナイトクラブ「The Bank」(1988-1990年)の一周年記念のために作られたこのアルバムには、レジデントDJの佐野勝也、DJ Soma、DJ Wada(Heigo Taniがサポート)が参加しました。

「1st Unit」はドラムマシンやシンセサイザーを使用したホームレコーディングのトラックで、日本では初めての試みとされています。

「1st Unit」の歴史を詳述したインサート付きです。

We’re beyond thrilled to present the re-release of 1st Unit: an essential document into the early forays of Japanese house music. Part of our ongoing series to focuses on music from the Far East.

Originally created for the first anniversary for short-lived nightclub ‘The Bank’ in Roppongi (88-90). Three tracks by resident DJ’s: Katsuya Sano, DJ Soma and DJ Wada, assisted by Heigo Tani. The club took a lot influences from their counterparts in the US, so did their DJ’s. Stepping away from the disco sound that ruled the nightclubs before, the house sound was also taking over in The Bank.

1st Unit, widely considered as one of the first Japanese records to do so, is a reflection of the sound going to home-recorded tracks with drum machines and synthesisers. House music that is not unlike what was going on in the US, yet with a distinct Roppongi flavour to it.

More than a reflection of days bygone, these tracks still have their mystique and are as deep as many of the hardest to find house 12”s around. It has easily stood the test of time and we’re very excited to make this available again for all to enjoy. Restored with love, completed with an insert detailing the history of 1st Unit.

Pay Cash, The Bank.

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